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Something has happened to the head of IA’s son.

I remember that little brat isn’t he in finance.

He was. Now he’s mostly in counselling.

Why is this our concern?

His apartment has gone grey.

What is our exposure?

Uptown area we have isolated the surrounding 3 floors. Too much money involved not to act quickly.

Tell me the whole story.

It appears he used his wealth and access to get a hold of something very rare. Initially all it did was drive him mad. It was only this morning that an entity was spotted in his apartment by a maid. Aethermen were unfortunately first on scene though they have apparently contained the entity as well as the artefact preventing any further spread.

Shame for it to fall into their hands. Who was the seller.

That’s why I came to you its linked to one of your pet projects. Intel is showing that it’s the same seller as LDT97.
Now identified as Sebastian Roman a former talent agent who IA insist they incinerated.

Fine have Meredith dispatch them. Test their loyalty.

Progress report squad Frosty
File sent by Meredith Remington IA

If we had been aware what type of weapon the DN cell was purchasing, Frosty would never have been dispatched. Despite this a 2 person squad without the required training or equipment successfully put down a WE entity.

The after effect has been noticeable both operatives. Klein has attempted to be stoic, she is however showing signs of PTSD and her confidence in her own ability is waning.
Counselling and advanced training have begun to counteract this with hopefully no long lasting affects.

Foster was damaged before we recruited her. Every profile and assessment on her clearly states she is mentally unbalanced but her usefulness as a combat operative overrides immediate concern. She is now experiencing nightmares of WE and has had reason to question her effectiveness. Surprisingly she did not object to counselling and has been co-operative with the psychology team. She has also taken on an increased work load happily accepting every combat mission and elimination order she can. Her doctors continue to determine her field ready.

Both of them are undeniably loyal to the company something which has only been strengthened by the recent events.

Covert work is not for this team. They are killers. They may be damaged by their past but it has only improved their effectiveness.

My recommendation is we train them as hunters and use them to target the worst elements of misha, the known pockets of shian and give them the pleasure of killing the traitor who sold shian the pages that almost go them killed by a WE entity.

Unless anyone from Department S has any objection.

No objection – Frosty should think of this as an IA op

LDT97 Entity Report
The enemy is closer than anticipated

The operation in question was done by Internal Affairs.
2 Operatives infiltrated a Dark Night cell and slowly worked their way up the chain.
They were 3 months into the assignment when the leader of the cell purchased the pages.
The operatives backed a DN lieutenant in a power struggle when they arrived the ritual had already begun.
All of the members of the DN cell were eliminated quickly leaving only the leader and the operatives.
Upon dispatching the leader the ritual was completed and the entity emerged.
At this point it’s important to note that the operatives were wearing 2nd rate DN equipment to face the entity.
They engaged it and managed to defeat it with one of the operatives picking up its weapon to finish it off.
The operatives left the scene before our fire team arrived.
I recommend that both operatives continue to be monitored especially the operative who held the weapon.
Full post operation medical and psychological assessment of the operatives is attached to my report.
Why were IA investigating a DN cell? How did we not know about the link with Shi’An?
IA had a previous mole in the organisation who was aware they were trying to purchase a weapon of impressive destructive capabilities. All evidence suggested the purchase was being made from a SLA employee. The original moles death was all the proof IA needed and sent in a less well known team to confirm the deal.
From the files recovered by ourselves and IA we can confirm that the seller was a SLA employee.
As for how we didn’t know. We never suspected Shi’An had spread within SLA itself.
Locate this traitor immediately have them delivered to the vault. I will deal with them personally.

Internal eyes only
Discussion between R & V Department S

Frosty Update
A change of path

So far Foster and Klein have proven to be excellent cleaners.

Fosters dispatch of Uxío Rocha and Kleins of Maria Soler were both exceptional in their own way.

They could continue to take out targets effectively for sometime but I agree with your assessment that they have potential for greater things.

I understand an asset in LDT 97 was recently lost.

I propose we use this as an opportunity to test Squad Frosty’s ability at infiltration.

Agent Rimington Report

We have 2 new killers on payroll.

May our enemies fall before them.

Call intercept - Sebastian Roman after Sextape incident
Not as fun as it sounds

Hi Gabriel, good news I hope.

Stop, calm down, breathe, your talking too fast. What’s happened?

Hand the phone to whoever is in charge. I don’t care do it Gabriel.

Hi you have successfully downed two agents on a sanctioned operation.

Yes I am well aware of your mandate and the finer details of your contract.

I know you went there for the Duchess but you will be stabilising the 2 operatives and taking them with you as per the terms of their LAD contracts.

If that’s how you feel I am enforcing section 86J of your contract.
Oh good you know about that.

Thank you for your co-operation

Put Gabriel back on.

Gabriel are they stabilizing Foster and Klein?

Good, now I need you to work fast. As soon as they are gone you have to get into the Duchess’s system and do something for me.


At this point recording is scrambled. Other half of conversation unobtainable.

Debrief for NG7/1704910/STA/GRY - SCL 6
Too many enemies, lets make a friend instead.

2E1: Please be seated.

N/A: I know I shouldn’t ask but where are we?

2C7: You are correct, you should not.

2E1: Now please tell us about your recent trip to lower Down Town.

N/A: My team were sent to a grey zone to investigate and advanced dream entity known as Aunt Cilla. I was kept in the dark deliberately due to my past association with the entity.

2C7: You lived with the creature for 3 months.

N/A: I was used by her.

2E1: What happened once you entered the home?

N/A: I saw through her traps but my team couldn’t. So I removed her illusion at the cost of my own.

2C7: How?

N/A: I can’t describe it. I can alter things its not easy and in some places its impossible. In the grey it …

2E1: came naturally

N/A: yes. but I wasn’t prepared for the effect it would have on me. I panicked and curled into a ball when I saw her.I could hear my friends fighting but couldn’t help.

2C7: Then Agent Foster got creative.

N/A: and I got angry. As a result Cilla died and I burned myself out by going over capacity.

2E1: Would I be right in suggesting you got a sense of closure from the destruction of the creature?

N/A: Yes, Cilla killed my family and damaged me in ways I didn’t understand till now.

2C7: So you understand what you are?

N/A: Yes

2C7: Good. Welcome to Naga 7 Agent Brown.

Klick's END
Our statement of intent

For years there has been an area of Down town that was considered a no-go area for our city’s Shiver patrols.

Today in a coordinated strike with M.R. Division, Shivers and Select Operative teams Klick’s End has been reclaimed.

No more will the props, slaver and subversives have this safe haven.

People in the neighbouring districts can sleep in safety once again.

A black spot on our great world on progressed has been expunged.

We are now reclaiming the Moral Right.

We Were Tek Trex
A suitable response

2C7: Asset designated Daedalus was successfully extracted.

3F8: Before leaving he had infected Tek Trex entire network with tracking software.
He also brought information detailing all domestic agents.

2E1: And the anomaly?

3F8: Anomaly?

2C7: Get out now.

3F8 leaves room

2C7: Do I have to?

2E1: Not necessary. Now tell me about the Anomaly.

2C7: It’s still assisting them, extraction of asset may have failed without them.

2D5: back to the task at hand how successful is the sweep.

2C7: Every target bar one has been detained or eliminated.

2D5: So she’s still alive.

2C7: Tek Trex is finished she has no support network she wont be able to…

2D5: Of course she will. now she’ll just have a more dangerous sponsor.

2E1: The important thing is Tek Trex is gone, they were a distraction we don’t have time for any more. We’ll get another chance at her later.

2F9: First Puritan now Tek Trex. Distractions we were forced to respond to. The anomaly a distraction you’ve been forced to monitor. Then there is the Tartarus discovery.

Our enemies are making us look in the wrong direction.

He wants a solution. Today.

Cooking with Flair

“Chef Moses what do you have for us tonight?”
“Well Tina …”
“It’s Linda”
“Yeah Brenda tonight were cooking something more than a little exotic.”
“Well I’m intrigued. Will it have your usual New Parisian twist?”
“Fuc signal breaks bi… wer…. Ra…

static fills the screen
White noise

“What do you mean we lost the signal? You mean I killed and cooked this bitch and I won’t even get a ratings bump?”

The loss of signal feeds was spread across the entirety of the World of Progress.
This in undeniably linked to the server crash last week.
They can no longer be tolerated.
Despite our recommendations a more public team will be sent.
Dept of cyber-warfare have an asset in place.
One High profile team is familiar with the asset.

That team is under observation. An anomaly exists.

It matters not
TT will be publicly dismantled.
It is Slayers will.


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