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Call intercept - Sebastian Roman after Sextape incident

Not as fun as it sounds

Hi Gabriel, good news I hope.

Stop, calm down, breathe, your talking too fast. What’s happened?

Hand the phone to whoever is in charge. I don’t care do it Gabriel.

Hi you have successfully downed two agents on a sanctioned operation.

Yes I am well aware of your mandate and the finer details of your contract.

I know you went there for the Duchess but you will be stabilising the 2 operatives and taking them with you as per the terms of their LAD contracts.

If that’s how you feel I am enforcing section 86J of your contract.
Oh good you know about that.

Thank you for your co-operation

Put Gabriel back on.

Gabriel are they stabilizing Foster and Klein?

Good, now I need you to work fast. As soon as they are gone you have to get into the Duchess’s system and do something for me.


At this point recording is scrambled. Other half of conversation unobtainable.


JayDGee JayDGee

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