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Debrief for NG7/1704910/STA/GRY - SCL 6

Too many enemies, lets make a friend instead.

2E1: Please be seated.

N/A: I know I shouldn’t ask but where are we?

2C7: You are correct, you should not.

2E1: Now please tell us about your recent trip to lower Down Town.

N/A: My team were sent to a grey zone to investigate and advanced dream entity known as Aunt Cilla. I was kept in the dark deliberately due to my past association with the entity.

2C7: You lived with the creature for 3 months.

N/A: I was used by her.

2E1: What happened once you entered the home?

N/A: I saw through her traps but my team couldn’t. So I removed her illusion at the cost of my own.

2C7: How?

N/A: I can’t describe it. I can alter things its not easy and in some places its impossible. In the grey it …

2E1: came naturally

N/A: yes. but I wasn’t prepared for the effect it would have on me. I panicked and curled into a ball when I saw her.I could hear my friends fighting but couldn’t help.

2C7: Then Agent Foster got creative.

N/A: and I got angry. As a result Cilla died and I burned myself out by going over capacity.

2E1: Would I be right in suggesting you got a sense of closure from the destruction of the creature?

N/A: Yes, Cilla killed my family and damaged me in ways I didn’t understand till now.

2C7: So you understand what you are?

N/A: Yes

2C7: Good. Welcome to Naga 7 Agent Brown.


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