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LDT97 Entity Report

The enemy is closer than anticipated

The operation in question was done by Internal Affairs.
2 Operatives infiltrated a Dark Night cell and slowly worked their way up the chain.
They were 3 months into the assignment when the leader of the cell purchased the pages.
The operatives backed a DN lieutenant in a power struggle when they arrived the ritual had already begun.
All of the members of the DN cell were eliminated quickly leaving only the leader and the operatives.
Upon dispatching the leader the ritual was completed and the entity emerged.
At this point it’s important to note that the operatives were wearing 2nd rate DN equipment to face the entity.
They engaged it and managed to defeat it with one of the operatives picking up its weapon to finish it off.
The operatives left the scene before our fire team arrived.
I recommend that both operatives continue to be monitored especially the operative who held the weapon.
Full post operation medical and psychological assessment of the operatives is attached to my report.
Why were IA investigating a DN cell? How did we not know about the link with Shi’An?
IA had a previous mole in the organisation who was aware they were trying to purchase a weapon of impressive destructive capabilities. All evidence suggested the purchase was being made from a SLA employee. The original moles death was all the proof IA needed and sent in a less well known team to confirm the deal.
From the files recovered by ourselves and IA we can confirm that the seller was a SLA employee.
As for how we didn’t know. We never suspected Shi’An had spread within SLA itself.
Locate this traitor immediately have them delivered to the vault. I will deal with them personally.

Internal eyes only
Discussion between R & V Department S


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