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Progress report squad Frosty

File sent by Meredith Remington IA

If we had been aware what type of weapon the DN cell was purchasing, Frosty would never have been dispatched. Despite this a 2 person squad without the required training or equipment successfully put down a WE entity.

The after effect has been noticeable both operatives. Klein has attempted to be stoic, she is however showing signs of PTSD and her confidence in her own ability is waning.
Counselling and advanced training have begun to counteract this with hopefully no long lasting affects.

Foster was damaged before we recruited her. Every profile and assessment on her clearly states she is mentally unbalanced but her usefulness as a combat operative overrides immediate concern. She is now experiencing nightmares of WE and has had reason to question her effectiveness. Surprisingly she did not object to counselling and has been co-operative with the psychology team. She has also taken on an increased work load happily accepting every combat mission and elimination order she can. Her doctors continue to determine her field ready.

Both of them are undeniably loyal to the company something which has only been strengthened by the recent events.

Covert work is not for this team. They are killers. They may be damaged by their past but it has only improved their effectiveness.

My recommendation is we train them as hunters and use them to target the worst elements of misha, the known pockets of shian and give them the pleasure of killing the traitor who sold shian the pages that almost go them killed by a WE entity.

Unless anyone from Department S has any objection.

No objection – Frosty should think of this as an IA op


JayDGee JayDGee

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