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We Were Tek Trex

A suitable response

2C7: Asset designated Daedalus was successfully extracted.

3F8: Before leaving he had infected Tek Trex entire network with tracking software.
He also brought information detailing all domestic agents.

2E1: And the anomaly?

3F8: Anomaly?

2C7: Get out now.

3F8 leaves room

2C7: Do I have to?

2E1: Not necessary. Now tell me about the Anomaly.

2C7: It’s still assisting them, extraction of asset may have failed without them.

2D5: back to the task at hand how successful is the sweep.

2C7: Every target bar one has been detained or eliminated.

2D5: So she’s still alive.

2C7: Tek Trex is finished she has no support network she wont be able to…

2D5: Of course she will. now she’ll just have a more dangerous sponsor.

2E1: The important thing is Tek Trex is gone, they were a distraction we don’t have time for any more. We’ll get another chance at her later.

2F9: First Puritan now Tek Trex. Distractions we were forced to respond to. The anomaly a distraction you’ve been forced to monitor. Then there is the Tartarus discovery.

Our enemies are making us look in the wrong direction.

He wants a solution. Today.


JayDGee JayDGee

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