High functioning Sociopath with his own boardroom


Blight is a corporate Brainwaster. He always wears a suit and tie but his hair is always as messy as possible. His smile lets you know he is happy to see you and that he is is also thinking about reality folding you out the building.


Blight was promoted at the same time as Dusk to see if their rivalry would benefit those around them or if Blight’s psyche profile was truly on the knife edge.
Combined they have been a huge success the people under them live in fear of failing either of them or being regarded as working for the other side.

In the end the rivalry allowed both to flourish.

Then Blight became convinced that Dusk was trying to sleep with him. He was already planning on killing him on general principle and to ensure the entire department was his. He became paranoid recently after a work function when they were both drunk and Dusk flirted a bit too much. Blight lost sleep some nights convinced dusk was trying to sneak into his room.
He spent his insomnia filled nights coming up with ingenious methods of dispatching his nemesis.
His favourite involved a Vevaphon, a heavily modified combat pig and enough Ultra Violence to make an Chagrin look like an Ebon.

In end however he handled it personally killing Dusk on the roof of the Jade Building.

The department is now his alone.


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