Machines are his friends.


Melvin Gabriel is a short thin and physically unimpressive 20 year old human.


Melvin grew up in a lower down-town orphanage that bordered the carrion sectors he saw bad things happen to the kids that went outside.

Just as well he was always too sick to go out.

All he ever did was stay in and play with the old hand me down computer systems.
They became his friends and eventually he could get them to do whatever he wanted them to do.
Then when he was 14 one of the larger kids noticed Melvin and his small room full of computer screens and proceeded to beat him within an inch of his life. The last thing Melvin remembered hearing before passing out was the bully saying he did it because he was bored.

While Melvin was in hospital the Orphanage was destroyed. It’s security system mysteriously turned off and the sirens on the roof played a high pitch scream known to attract carrion.
Melvin was discharged 2 days later and then went off the grid.

As Daedalus, Melvin created super computers by gathering discarded technology (2 weeks is old) by companies and combing it all together into something far greater than they have on the market today. He used his knowledge in a series of terrorist attacks against SLA industries all in an attempt to break through there security and find out more about the wall.

During a riot test of a combat low wave he hacked the operator terminal and gained control of the stormer and deactivated its tracking chip.

Daedalus planned on using the his Low Wave to break into the Low Wave storage facility and use them to destroy the wall. Thereby killing everyone in his home sector.

Before he could get his ultimate revenge both SLA and Tek Trex both sent teams to claim him.

SLA operatives were ultimately successful and he was detained.

On the advice of Tina Long, Daedalus was a guest for the department of re-education for some time.

He has been released into the care of the dept of cyber-warfare.


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