A light among the grey


A small Ebon with short white hair and wiry build.

Always seen wearing his death suit, which looks as though it is made of white marble.


Russell was raised in a mostly abandoned part of lower down town. As a child his parents were killed by a dream entity which then used Russell as a lure for more victims.
After Cilla’s defeat to SLA forces, Russell went to down town and struggled to survive.
When he was 16 he obtained a few glyph cards and his latent power emerged. He was apprehended by Squad Frosty who reported his ability to create illusions.

Russell spent the next 2 years as a guest at the Jade building where he was studied by Temperance, he eventually used his ability to fake his death and escape.

He went on a power trip for a while using his power to distract and mislead. Unfortunately he never had a plan past escaping as a result he was tracked down quite easily.
He was apparently put down by the squad. When he was actually disguised as one of the others in the room. This however didn’t stop him from becoming injured by a bullet from Mina Klein.

He then chose to accompany his fake body back to the jade building where he knew he could gather enough flux to heal himself. Allowing temperance to perform an autopsy on his copy while he carefully watched and manipulated the data to interfere with his research.

During his time in the Jade building he combed their archives and raided there supply room. He also came up with a plan.
He planned to change.

He found the squad that had twice beaten him, If his plan worked on them it would work on anyone.
He then followed them onto a transport going into a mission unaware that it was heading for a cannibal sector. He stayed out of combat, desperately waiting for the op to end then due to an accident the squad was nearly killed.

He panicked with the squad dead there would be no way back into the city he acted on his plan, he used all the stolen ebb crystals he had to alter the world around him. This saved the life of the squad and

His change was more successful than he planned he changed everything about himself he wasn’t just pretending to be a SLA operative, he was a SLA operative.

He genuinely cared for the team he was with. Which worked out well for them as in the following months his abilities saved their lives many times.

SLA Industries however was not fooled by his deception and monitored him closely.
With the return of Naga 7, squad Frosty was given a BPN to determine Russell’s fate.

With the creative help of Sonya Foster Russell destroyed the creature of his childhood torment and proved his loyalty to the company.

He had to leave squad Frosty but now works for Naga 7 under his new pseudonym Gelid.


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