A copy cat armed from the arena

A serial killer dressed in a similar fashion to Halloween Jack but doesn’t use his signature chain axe. Instead uses a wide variety of mostly arena based weaponry.

Has been filmed using the following weapons. H-V 10.01 Boom Hammer, Lochaber Axe and a Hardtek High speed Concrete Saw. Yet to be seen with any ranged weaponry.
Confirmed kills 8 Suspected 23


(Nick the Anchor) “Hey everyone its a full moon tonight so you know what that means were looking for Mort’s number 1 ranked murderer.
The one, the only Halloween Jack.
Last time we were lucky enough to catch footage of Jack killing a group of shivers from DT 37.
But tonight were out in 37 looking for the man himself, rumours are he’s still in the area looking for few high profile heads to collect.”

(NtA)“OK Gus we’ve been in this shit hole for 3 hours now, the tip never paid off I say we switch off the camera and go back the studio and just splice in some old footage. Most of the idiots at home wont know the difference.”
(Gus the Cameraguy) “Eh Nick is that what I think it is?”
(NtA) “looks like … nah costumes all wrong and he doesn’t have the axe, Gus shoot the copy cat bastard will you”
(GtC) “sure boss” BANG BANG BANG “Nick that didn’t phase him I’m getting the fuck out of here”
camera drops to the ground, in the frame you can see Nick and the advancing Pumpkin headed maniac holding a customised H-V 10.01 Boom Hammer. As he gets closer Nick tries to run, trips and falls.
The hammer is raised and smashes through the presenters skull like it was a piece of fruit.
Camera Feed ends.

(Dave in the Studio) “That was the last piece of footage we have from our now award winning presenter Chris Persson, Chris you will be missed but the footage you got is priceless.”


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