hell hath no fury etc


Heather Nielson was once a low level corporate. Buisness suits and sensible hair.

She became Jill a broken remnant of herself. Ruined clothes, wrecked appearance and eyes that knew pain.


Jill Killed her first man with a Chain-axe with security cameras filming the whole bloody event (hence the media confusion). What was later discovered was he was a retired SLA operative and it was his own weapon.

Jill killed another 4 times all with weapons on site, each time bloody and messy. Every kill recorded on video footage not linked to central mainframe.

1st chain-axe – retired SLA op. 2nd kitchen knives – trainee chef. 3rd pool cue – unemployed (made money hustling pool) 4th vacuum cleaner – house husband. 5th prosthetic leg – beggar 6th vibro sabre – SLA business package, Mikel Alanze just came home from party in his honour. Been promoted to SCL6 depart of Media Affairs.

Jill was once Heather Nielson a business op working for ATB. Her career was going well and she was going to get married. After 6 months of planning her husband to be left her at the altar instead choosing to take a BPN that would enhance his career.

Jill is killing people linked to her fiancée and the wedding. Some she can’t remember if they are friend or not. The chef was a family friend and was working for just above cost. Heathers mind however is scrambled she is working her way through those she believes hurt her till she gets to her fiancée.

7 – Fiancée – James Mercer – Strike Squad.
6 – Fiancée squad member – Mikel Alanze – Business
5 – Fiancée squad member – Malkie Frazer – Death Squad
4 – Sisters husband – Stephan Dent – House husband
3 – Fiancée squad member – Kyle Mafole – former Kick Murder
2 – Wedding Chef – Bobbie Tell – Nielson family friend
1 – Fiancée squad member – Arnold “Crazy Horse” Murphy – Death Squad


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