God of the Arena


Killraven was a beast of a man at 6’8” and an imposing figure. He possessed speed in combat that baffled his opponents and amazed his fans.


Killraven has one of the greatest kill streaks in the history of the circuit. Even 5 years after his death he remains one of the most popular circuit killers. His only apparent disappointment in life was his son Elias.

Killraven died 5 years ago in a gauntlet match. After an investigation into his death it was revealed a gambling syndicated heavily poisoned him in the hopes he would forfeit. In stead he fought, won and died of his wounds in the arena. Legend intact.

As per Killraven’s wishes his body was taken to the museum of the circuit, where it was put on display in a glass coffin for all his fans. This is the centre of the Killraven exhibit which includes all of his weaponry and feeds of all his kills in and out of the arena.


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