He'll take his time but he will kill you


In DT 4 there is a legend. A legend that terrifies the locals and amuses the neighbours.

The Legend is of the Spoonman.

For the last 5 years men have been found dead of massive blunt force trauma from the strangest of objects a Demitasse Spoon.

The killings are said to take hours with little left of the victims skull than a bloody mess on the floor.

Spoons of all kind can no longer be fond in DT4 to carry one is to invite disaster.

Or so the locals say anyway.


What is actually known.

The Spoonman first caught the public’s attention almost 7 years ago.

He appeared to be a human male in his mid to late thirties.
He was seen very messily killing a shiver in front of a deli security camera in down-town sector 4.
For 5 years almost every spoon related fatality on Mort had been attributed to him.
Only 15 in those 5 years were confirmed to be by the same man.

Then a group of operatives discovered that the killings were done by a former Kick Murder op named Graham Hampton who never reported for duty again after a particularly vicious Green BPN.
His victims bore a resemblance to the desk jockey at slayers crib who handed him the BPN.

Why a spoon and where it came from are unknown.

Now 2 years after Hamptons death.

The Spoonman is back


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