Old Stormer


Much smaller than modern day Stormers Taanesh used to wear off world high end isolation suits or business dress.

Now for his sins he wears tarnished damaged armour that he could barely afford.

Package: Death Squad
SCL: 9a.1
XP: 0
Savings: 1776 C
Hit Points 24 – Head (8) – Torso (24) – Arms (12) – Legs (12)
PP9 Exo Stormer (Loan 0 paid): PV 9 – Head (20) – Torso (50) – Arms (40) – Legs (45) (+ 3 STR)
Initiative Phases 1 2 3 4 5
Damage Bonus 3(+1 armour stat bonus)

Strength 12 (+3 armour stat bonus)
Dexterity 13
Diagnose 8
Concentration 8
Charisma 8
Physique 12
Knowledge 8
Cool 15

Advantages & Disadvantages

Debt -10 (representative of starting cash only)
Housing -10 (due to a technical mixup this is now -1 cramped apartment meant for a different race)
Information 10
Kakarrophiaphobia (fear of failure) -5
Luck 2
Major Enemy (Ministry of War) -3
Minor Friend (Tartarus troops) 5
Poinephobia (fear of punishment) -3
Speech 4


Media, Veteran Reporter 5
Ministry of War – 10
Soldiers 5
Any official department – 1 (Disobeyed orders)
Fame 1


Full Body – Roman Operations


Auto/Support: 5
Cinematography: 8
Communique: 8
Computer Use: 2
Detect: 4
Demolitions: 2
Diplomacy: 1
Drive Military: 4
Evaluate Opponent: 8
Gymnastics: 10
History: 8
Interview: 8
Intimidation: 8
Language Killan: 8
Language Shaktarian: 8
Language New Parissian: 8
Language Wraithen: 8
Marksmen: 4
Rifle: 9
Rival Company Knowledge: 7
SLA Information: 8
Streetwise: 1
Tactics: 8
Unarmed Combat: 5


GA50 Cal: 10mm R ROF 3 Range 15 Clip 18 Recoil 6
10mmSTD PEN:5 DAM:8 AD:2
Gash Fist Dam 4 (8) Pen 4 AD 2




Headset communicator
Blueprint news file case
S.C.L. Card
Finance card
Package card and badge
Departmental authorisation card
Two sets of clothes, one set of footwear (that fit a xeno and not a stormer)
Operative organiser
SLA badge
Climbing Kit (Damaged)
Oyster Unit
Map Reader & Map disc (SS7)


Taanesh is from the 3rd generation of Stormers made from Taarnish.

He is hundreds of years old and for most of his life never got into combat one of the main reasons he is alive today.

When Taanesh was created he was set to go to a war world immediately along with the rest of his batch brothers. The Ministry of War decided it wanted a war reporter that could actually survive one thus avoiding the years of training for 20 minutes of footage they had been getting.
So Taanesh was given a quick media course and a camera, but no weapons.

Ordered by the Ministry of War to observe but not get involved, a direct order from the company he was forced to obey although it conflicted with his every instinct in his genetic make-up.
For centuries Taanesh has watched battle, seen a thousand worlds fall, seen entire species and civilisations wiped from the universe.

Until 2 weeks ago.

On the war world Tartarus where he had been stationed for the last decade he had befriended a unit that he was touring with.
They came under heavy fire from Thresher troops who threatened to overwhelm them.
Taanesh’s standing orders were to disengage and observe. When it became obvious that every man would count in this skirmish and the S.L.A. troops could win if they had a little more help. Taanesh couldn’t wait he picked up the weapons of one of the fallen soldiers waged war.

It was the single most glorious moment of his life. The S.L.A. forces won the day with massive casualties.

The Fallout involved the Ministry of War giving Taanesh a choice. Get a gene patch that would prevent him from entering combat. Genetic cowardice is how Taanesh viewed it.
Alternatively he could lose everything. His money, his status, his access and rank. He would be sent to Mort to create whatever life he wanted but he could never leave and he would have nothing.

Taanesh took his opportunity signed up as a combat operative. He is poor, hungry, badly equipped but he feels alive.

For the first time in 400 years.


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