The Killraven

The rebirth of a legend


Powerful fast and tactically minded.

The perfect gladiator.


Elias Killraven was the son of one of the greatest Gladiators to ever enter the contract killing circuit. Elias decided he liked his fathers fame but not his job and decided to pursue fame as much as he could. At the age of 16 he signed a deal with Feelgood cigarettes legally changing his name in exchange for sponsorship money, a lifetime supply and legal support concerning paternity cases.

He was awarded an honorary Doctorate in media manipulation by the 3rd Eye News network. Thus Becoming Dr Killraven Feelgood.

After his fathers death Dr Feelgood was furious at the terms of the will. Having to prove he was his fathers son, that was an unexpected move on the part of Killraven. It was also something Elias Killraven couldn’t do.

For the next 5 years he was obsessed with this and began to see his fathers lesson.
He wasn’t his fathers son in anyway.
This led him to a downward spiral of drugs sex and an insincere marriage proposals taken as valid, the media just though he was having a busy week. He was bored beyond imagining.

He decided to do something about, claim his birthright and be his fathers son.

He became the Killraven.

The Killraven

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