Thomas Dell Nasser

COO of Kismet


Just under 6 feet tall and shows signs of extensive genetic enhancement. Dressed in either expensive suits or lab equipment.


Dr Thomas Dell Nasser has worked as a head researcher on many projects at Karma, he was recently tasked to work under Alana Gallien to refine the external Stormer suit design.
While working he noticed Alana had an obsession with some discarded research titled the Deluge project.

Nasser studied the projects file and came to the conclusion that the Deluge suits were not worthy of continued research despite there potential damage they could cause. Each suit would cost about 75% of the ESS but would be combat effective for a week at the best. Even on war worlds it would be hard to sell such a product.

Nasser continued with the ESS and developed its hybrid weaponry system. During this time he became aware that Gallien was still looking into the Deluge project. There were no research teams assigned to it but she seemed to be progressing on new models and adaptations.

When Gallien was busy dealing with Killraven he accessed her files and became aware of a black research team operating with funding independent to the project.

After informing senior members of Karma, Nasser was recruited by cloak to investigate the matter further. After acquiring a damning amount of evidence Cloak and Karma were about to interrogate Gallien.

Then Puritan’s assault on FEN occurred and Gallien was dealt with in a more traditional manner.

Since then Karma have promoted Nasser to the new head of Kismet.

Thomas Dell Nasser

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