The Chagrin Cooking Channel

Group Assessment 1
Initial Analysis

Amidst a lot of redacted files I’m able to piece together an interesting history of the operatives.

From there first blue BPN where they fought an oversized sewer pig. They have flirted on the edge of media attention but never quite managing to grasp their potential. They seem to have also taken a Black at some point but had the horrendous misfortune of it being classified and all records ordered sealed (if this could be unclassified however).

Another business package attempted to cash in on this. As a result this has halted the operatives career and destroyed any sponsorship potential they once had.

Within the files, the few that we are able to read. There are a few things to take note of.

First is the operatives seem capable of playing the game, having built relationships with 2 executives in the Jade building (due to a few heavily redacted BPN’s).

Secondly is the Daedalus incident. One of the few black marks on the operatives career, although the blame lies not with them, their BPN can hardly be considered a success. There are a few Karma execs who would see everyone involved in the Low Waves disappearance, disappear themselves. A solution may present itself. Every problem is an opportunity.

The third is the most recent and most alarming. Sonya Foster killed a high level exec (temporarily thank Sla) who was interfering in her inquiries. This has attracted the wrong type of attention to the squad. The fallout means that Sonya was demoted and no longer leads the squad. The tension between the team will be tense now, as the balance of power has shifted. However with a Klein leading the squad, perhaps we will be able to build them to a place where they belong.

My decision is that this team needs a little bit of guidance, the sort of help that was promised to them in the past but never delivered. With it they could become something. Without they may burn out and fade away.

OOO Piggy


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