Tag: Brainwaster


  • Blight

    Blight was promoted at the same time as Dusk to see if their rivalry would benefit those around them or if Blight’s psyche profile was truly on the knife edge. Combined they have been a huge success the people under them live in fear of failing either …

  • Höðr

    Höðr was born blind on the Brainwaster colony of Pain. It is believed he gazed deeply into the white as he was born. Blind but with terrible power at a young age. Dark Lament have made this young Brain-Waster their primary assassin.

  • Nix

    Nixtrae is a corporate spin doctor, the public face of many operatives mistakes. To get in her good graces is a hard thing to do. To earn her enmity is to ensure you’ll be the one explaining to the public why the school burned down when the kids were …