Tag: Corporate


  • Alana Gallien

    Gallien her own genetics firm straight out of Meny. This was bought out within 2 weeks of it’s creation by Karma on the condition she join there research teams. Alana has been a great asset to Karma. Her product knowledge is formidable, as is her …

  • Animus

    Animus has been a Necanthrope for over 50 years and has spent most of that time working for Ebon affairs. He was born an Ebon on Static and only came to Mort to evolve. He hasn't left since. There are very few people who can remember his old name

  • Blight

    Blight was promoted at the same time as Dusk to see if their rivalry would benefit those around them or if Blight’s psyche profile was truly on the knife edge. Combined they have been a huge success the people under them live in fear of failing either …

  • Dave Hades

    A former corporate assassin Hades found a dirt on his old employer and had Cloak Division give him the contract. Hades now owns and operates a kill for hire stable of assassins. A man best not to piss off.

  • Dusk

    Dusk was a Mid level executive in the Jade Building who was in opposition to Blight. They worked well together and the competitive nature was good for the department. Dusk loved Blight. He knew fine well that they both got there current jobs because …

  • Stephan Whorechild

    Stephan’s fortune comes solely from having monetized the [[Cult of the Raven]] His position as the cults head could be jeopardised by the appearance of [[The Killraven]]

  • Thomas Dell Nasser

    Dr Thomas Dell Nasser has worked as a head researcher on many projects at Karma, he was recently tasked to work under Alana Gallien to refine the external Stormer suit design. While working he noticed Alana had an obsession with some discarded research …