Tag: Ebon


  • Gelid

    Russell was raised in a mostly abandoned part of lower down town. As a child his parents were killed by a dream entity which then used Russell as a lure for more victims. After Cilla's defeat to SLA forces, Russell went to down town and struggled to …

  • Al Ravi

    According to the Necanthrope Scour, Ravi saved his life and is in his debt. A fact which terrifies Ravi. Scour tried to train him the way he would train a Brain Waster operative, he took him to the brain waster colony of Pain and put him through the …

  • Dusk

    Dusk was a Mid level executive in the Jade Building who was in opposition to Blight. They worked well together and the competitive nature was good for the department. Dusk loved Blight. He knew fine well that they both got there current jobs because …

  • Temperance

    This huge Ebon originally worked for Dark Lament as a researcher when the characters first met him. He has since been recruited by Dusk & Blight and working in the basement of the Jade building of Ebon affairs.