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  • Mina Klein

    *Excerpts from Operative recruitment interview 05894-C0235.* NB: Interviewer's dialogue in _italics_ _Okay, it's rolling, time to start. Subject is one Mina Klein, human female, nineteen-_ It's Klein. Like twine, or swine. Not like clean. …

  • Sebastian Roman

    Roman is an exceptional administrator. Contracts are his battlegrounds. Negotiations his BPN. He currently represents 10 operative teams full time and many more on a freelance basis. His rate is set, it is non-negotiable and he is worth every credit. …

  • Alana Gallien

    Gallien her own genetics firm straight out of Meny. This was bought out within 2 weeks of it’s creation by Karma on the condition she join there research teams. Alana has been a great asset to Karma. Her product knowledge is formidable, as is her …

  • Daedalus

    Melvin grew up in a lower down-town orphanage that bordered the carrion sectors he saw bad things happen to the kids that went outside. Just as well he was always too sick to go out. All he ever did was stay in and play with the old hand me down …

  • Dave Hades

    A former corporate assassin Hades found a dirt on his old employer and had Cloak Division give him the contract. Hades now owns and operates a kill for hire stable of assassins. A man best not to piss off.

  • Duchess Isabella Von Sextape

    The “Duchess” is from a long line of useless Mort socialites who can no longer remember where the money came from. They rely on there administrators to handle the wealth, As such the family owns a lot of property on Mort and never has to do any work at …

  • Eidolon

    Tina Long graduated with no desire to ever become a combat operative she however is a very talented tech and a valued SLA operative. She works almost exclusively for the department of cyber-warfare and has been instrumental in the fall of Tek Trex.

  • Gladius

    Gladius is a Death Squad Operative who freelances as on the Contract Killer circuit. He has a good reputation in both fields. He’s just very good at killing people.

  • Jacky

    (Nick the Anchor) “Hey everyone its a full moon tonight so you know what that means were looking for Mort’s number 1 ranked murderer. The one, the only Halloween Jack. Last time we were lucky enough to catch footage of Jack killing a group of shivers …

  • Jason Crowley

    Crowley approached the agents offering to make them famous they we’re sceptical but he offered to help do some of there work for them and make them more money for the burden win-win. Needless to say Crowley screwed them over, by keeping all the access …

  • Jill

    Jill Killed her first man with a Chain-axe with security cameras filming the whole bloody event (hence the media confusion). What was later discovered was he was a retired SLA operative and it was his own weapon. Jill killed another 4 times all with …

  • Killraven

    Killraven has one of the greatest kill streaks in the history of the circuit. Even 5 years after his death he remains one of the most popular circuit killers. His only apparent disappointment in life was his son Elias. Killraven died 5 years ago in a …

  • Martyr

    Daniel Ryan aka Martyr is the leader of his SLA team, under him they have been running BPN’s for just over 2 years now and run like a well oiled machine as long as he is around.

  • Norwell

    Not usually that active today, George Norwell has lived the life of a Slop for many years now in his early 70’s his experience makes up for his physical failings. He is usually to be found in bars telling new recruits about the good ol’ days.

  • Stephan Whorechild

    Stephan’s fortune comes solely from having monetized the [[Cult of the Raven]] His position as the cults head could be jeopardised by the appearance of [[The Killraven]]

  • The Killraven

    Elias Killraven was the son of one of the greatest Gladiators to ever enter the contract killing circuit. Elias decided he liked his fathers fame but not his job and decided to pursue fame as much as he could. At the age of 16 he signed a deal with …

  • Thomas Dell Nasser

    Dr Thomas Dell Nasser has worked as a head researcher on many projects at Karma, he was recently tasked to work under Alana Gallien to refine the external Stormer suit design. While working he noticed Alana had an obsession with some discarded research …

  • Omen

    Zara Oman was a Survivor of Dante whose only purpose on Mort is death. His purpose was fulfilled by [[Frosty]]