Tag: Operative


  • Sonya Foster

    "The Ex-Husband":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-chagrin-cooking-channel/wikis/the-ex-husband Sonya did not qualify for enrolment into the SLA Operative program. The psyche report was not favourable. The assault charges filed by the …

  • Gelid

    Russell was raised in a mostly abandoned part of lower down town. As a child his parents were killed by a dream entity which then used Russell as a lure for more victims. After Cilla's defeat to SLA forces, Russell went to down town and struggled to …

  • Mina Klein

    *Excerpts from Operative recruitment interview 05894-C0235.* NB: Interviewer's dialogue in _italics_ _Okay, it's rolling, time to start. Subject is one Mina Klein, human female, nineteen-_ It's Klein. Like twine, or swine. Not like clean. …

  • Taanesh

    Taanesh is from the 3rd generation of Stormers made from Taarnish. He is hundreds of years old and for most of his life never got into combat one of the main reasons he is alive today. When Taanesh was created he was set to go to a war world …

  • Arawn

    Arawn Trueblade has a true passion for combat, he needs to fight to prove himself. For him to be alive and his opponents dead is the only drug he needs in combat. Outside of combat he will take a variety of pills just to keep himself sane and stop himself …

  • B.E.F.T.O.

    One of a batch of 30 Xeno’s all hatched with an hour of each other by a technician who hated Xeno’s. He individually named them all Bug eyed freak 1 through 30. B.E.F.T.O. is Bug.Eyed.Freak.Twenty.One. and is one of only 7 remaining from his …

  • Blender

    Blender was part of a batch of Xeno hatched while the researcher in charge was making margarita’s the Xeno’s in the room were all named after the items in front of him. Tequila and Blender are the only 2 of that batch still active.

  • Crisis

    Born on Static to a wealthy family, Caesura looked on life with hope. Till he turned 12 then it became known to all that his ebb ability would never manifest. He left Static before his funeral, went to Mort and signed a contract with Karma getting …

  • Dust Mite

    The researcher responsible for naming Dust Mite tried his best on that shift he had the best of intentions but dust mite was number 498 of 500 and he’d ran out of decent names around 270 and was just naming things he put in the report to get the cleaner …

  • Eidolon

    Tina Long graduated with no desire to ever become a combat operative she however is a very talented tech and a valued SLA operative. She works almost exclusively for the department of cyber-warfare and has been instrumental in the fall of Tek Trex.

  • Gladius

    Gladius is a Death Squad Operative who freelances as on the Contract Killer circuit. He has a good reputation in both fields. He’s just very good at killing people.

  • Khn’nr

    Khn’nr originally began training in medicine for a better understanding of anatomy and to improve his ability in field combat. Much to his surprise he had a genuine talent for medicine and cared more for healing than harming. He is a support member of …

  • Martyr

    Daniel Ryan aka Martyr is the leader of his SLA team, under him they have been running BPN’s for just over 2 years now and run like a well oiled machine as long as he is around.

  • Norwell

    Not usually that active today, George Norwell has lived the life of a Slop for many years now in his early 70’s his experience makes up for his physical failings. He is usually to be found in bars telling new recruits about the good ol’ days.

  • Petri

    Petri was named by a bored scientist, the stormer to hatch after him was named dish. Of the batch of 300 stormers hatched from the lab on the day of Petri’s birth he is the only 1 to survive the BPN they were woken up for.

  • Richard Murderhorse McNulty

    A McNulty clan member born to be a SLA death squad member, at meny he realised he enjoyed fighting over contract as much as he enjoyed crushing skulls. A valuable contract negotiator who until recently worked for [[Roman Operations]] Was recruited …

  • Shar

    Shar is a Kick Murder Operative with no patience outside her species unless they are her superior. A member of Love Is MORE AMMO