Chagrin Cooking Channel

This is the storage point of a collection of S.L.A. Industries games. These pages and wiki will mostly be used to keep track of the characters and a few other points of info I tend to only remember half way through a game.

The games have mostly revolved around 2 operatives and there struggle through the dystopian metropolis of Mort.

Dealing with serial killers, overgrown man eating pigs, feral ebons, hackers stealing SLA tech and most dangerous of all the bureaucracy of the World of Progress itself.

The team has endured, defeated the odds became stronger and now plans it’s next step on the Career of advancement.

Have a SLA day.
Downtown fight by dave allsop

SLA Industries and all characters, settings, images and other intellectual properties pertaining thereto are © Nightfall Games
All artwork is borrowed under fair usage. If there is an item you wish removed please message me.

The Chagrin Cooking Channel

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