The Chagrin Cooking Channel

Group Assessment 2

Follow up analysis

My initial meeting went as well as could be expected, they were sceptical of my sincerity.

The meeting was cut short by a red alert in down-town sector 4 in which they performed to their full potential. In front of a large media event no less. Getting this team on the right path may not be as difficult as I originally planned.

After the messy contracts business was sorted out, they jumped straight back into work. An enthusiasm I have to admire.

They took a BPN from an old associate by the name of Dusk at the same time spurring the same BPN offered by Blight. An in-house battle I hope will stay that way.

The squad got to work quickly tracking down the lost body of a Feral Ebon who had been removed from the Jade building. Surprisingly the Feral had been resurrected and proceeded upon his old habits where the Operatives tracked him down and dispatched him.


JayDGee JayDGee

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