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Sector 4 Onslaught

Combat Assessment

Nix: OK I’ll be taking your questions in a minute, first of all I’d like to thank all of our operatives who responded on scene as quickly as they did. I’d personally like to thank the shivers who selflessly evacuated the civilian population at the start of the conflict.

Reporter 1: Nix, how many thresher operatives were in the attack?

Nix: Reports are still being updated Bradley, but initial reports indicate that there were over 200 Thresher fanatics present.

Reporter 1: and how many …

Nix: There are no Thresher survivors.

Reporter 1: None at all?

Nix: Preliminary reports indicate our operatives were quite thorough.

Reporter 2: You said the shivers evacuated the civilians at the start of the conflict.

Nix: Yes Chandler. We got an early warning of the attack, that’s how the shivers got so many civilians to safety and why our operatives were on scene so fast.

Reporter 2: and the civi…

Nix: A press conference will be held at 8 this evening with residents of Sector 4. As we speak they are with trauma councillors. Or filling out housing forms so we can relocate them quickly after this terrible tragedy.

Reporter 3: What is the current operative casualty report looking like?

Nix: Presently quite optimistic, thanks mostly due to the advanced combat and healing drugs our agents use in the field.

Reporter 3: any exact figures?

Nix: For a more precise figure Julia I would suggest you watch some of the combat footage of our glorious operatives in action. Here I’ll show you some choice cuts now.

Reporter 3: Nix please

Nix: Roll it.

Close up of a Thresher agent being tackled to the ground. Agent is then slammed in the head with his comrades decapitated helm which shatters under the force of the Blow. The Frother operative the proceeds to beat on the agent till his helm cracks open. Then the Frother in a moment of pure bloody fury gouges his eyes out.

Nix: See a prime example of Sla operatives ruling the day. Ah Julia I forgot how squeamish you were.


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