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Views from the street

3rd eye news quickcast

Hear at ‘Views from the street’ we received a tip from a reliable source that something was going to happen at this little pet shop. Unbelievable I know.

Wait look there 3 operatives driving up to it they look ready for action.

Holy shit what just happened to the pet shop. Is that. Oh fuck it is. That sick bastard is covered in dead kittens.

Quick Jeff zoom in.

Dead kitten armor by flyingdebris

Wait looks like the Frother is a pet lover and not to happy about it.

Wow, did she.

Yeah she did. She stabbed him right in his kitten hating face and killed him.

Wow that is impressive that crazy bastard was wearing Doggybone.

Now what’s the Frother doing. Oh this is priceless. Jeff make sure you get a good angle on that.


JayDGee JayDGee

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