Alana Gallien

A Corporate who rise up the ladder of success ended in a tragic fall


Alana is a human business operative. She is a short brunette usually dressed in black.


Gallien her own genetics firm straight out of Meny. This was bought out within 2 weeks of it’s creation by Karma on the condition she join there research teams.

Alana has been a great asset to Karma. Her product knowledge is formidable, as is her personal application of it.

She has created her own subdivision of Karma named Kismet which has the sole purpose of creating bio-armour and weaponry.

Unfortunately she used her position at Kismet to pass old research the the soft company Puritan Solutions Inc along with a black research team she recruited for the sole purpose of getting some off the books research done at the expense of Mort’s ebb population.

Gallien’s relationship with Puritan was exposed by one of its members who performed an attack on the FEN annual gun show. This attack was spurred by recent news that the CEO of FEN had adopted an Eban child.

Her death was ordered by Slayer.

Alana Gallien

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