Subject 6429A9 Russell Brown otherwise known as the Anomaly successfully infiltrated the squad known as Frosty.

The Anomaly had encountered the squad on 2 occasions the first led to his incarceration and examination in the Jade Building.
After his escape the same squad was sent to bring him in again, this time he used his abilities to fake his death and hide within the Jade Building pushing his power, this led to a Necanthrope overseer discovering him. At which point he escaped the Jade Building once more.
This time however he tracked down squad frosty himself.
He tracked them to the cannibal sectors where they were hunting Rover

He witnessed Mina Klein destroy a fusion reactor with explosive effect. Both members of the unit were incapacitated and near death.

At this point the anomaly changed everything. A minor fracture in reality was made changing everything about his life, he inserted himself into the lives of the squad that had tracked him down twice, made himself a part of the squad and their collective memories. This proved Temperance’s theory that the anomaly was not creating illusions but altering peoples perception of reality.

This was a huge step up in ability and power and changed everything about Russell Brown, He has the full knowledge and training of a SLA operative he is now skilled in ebb abilities he could barely channel previously he is confident, effective and by all appearances a loyal SLA operative.

Squad Frosty have benefited greatly from the anomaly’s presence. They would have died in the Cannibal sectors from the reactor explosion and the squad have had more brushes with death that could have went worse without its help. Sonya Foster’s addictions have been kept in check by the Anomaly. At Fosters current rate of consumption she should be dead or institutionalised due to a UV addiction, of which no sign appears.

Theory: Temperance feels the anomaly’s power can be linked to the area it was raised in.
A feral ebon with addict parents who died at the hands of a dream entity.
After the Browns were killed Russell stayed in the house with the entity for 6 months before a team cleaned the area.
Russell survived. The best working theory is that his latent ebb powers were triggered and altered by the entity.

Recommendations: There are 2 options.
Keep the team as it is and hope the anomaly keeps playing the role it has assumed.
Alternatively break the illusion. The Operatives simply reading Temperance’s original report should be enough.
If the anomaly is chosen as an asset debrief must be done carefully under ebb pillars.
If chosen as a target Squad Frosty should get the kill sheet.

Ether way we continue to monitor the Anomaly. Roman’s opinion should be met on the matter.


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