Other Groups


Alternative Candidate -

BPN appreciation society -

Buddha’s Of Suburbia -

Clan Walrus – Michael Brahe, Gabriel Holkins and The Khooki

Future Legends -

Hounds unleashed – Arawn squad

Love Is MORE AMMOPetri’s squad Khn’nr and Shar are members

Paranoia is Healthy – Roman represented

RebelX2 -

The Ever Circling Skeletal Family – Newly recruited by Roman Operations

Two Minute Warning -

We Are The Dead -


Contract Fodder – B.E.F.T.O. old squad

Organized Violence – Former clients of Sebastian Roman mysteriously disappeared on assignment

Team Ocelot – James Mercer’s old squad Jill murdered most of the squad

Other Groups

The Chagrin Cooking Channel JayDGee JayDGee